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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Reviewer: Brian King
Rating: Five Stars
Website Reviewed: Visual Impact Muscle Building Website

Interested in an honest Visual Impact Muscle visual impact muscle buildingBuilding review that covers everything including the flaws of the program? If your answer is yes, look no further. This is one of those very few honest Visual Impact Muscle Building reviews you’ll come across written by someone like me who has actually bought and completed all the three phases of the program. Expect nothing but an honest review pointing out both the good and the bad. It is important to note that most reviews online are written by people who quickly skim through programs/services but never actually try them like they should. Not this review! I will offer my honest insights about the program based on actual experiences with the product. Without wasting any more of your time, let me jump right into it.

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What’s Visual Impact Muscle Building?

In my own opinion, Visual Impact Muscle Building is the most effective muscle building program for functional fitness. The program is the best I have come across for getting seriously ripped without losing functionality. Functional fitness is all about getting serious muscles without getting too bulky or overly muscular in such a way that you develop agility problems.

Let’s face it, most professional body builders have muscles which are too big that they hinder normal movement. The Visual Impact Muscle Building program was designed by Rusty Moore (a renowned fitness expert) to handles this problem perfectly. You will get serious muscles and abs like your favorite action movie celebrity but you will still be 100% agile like you were before the muscles.

Who Is The Program For?

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program is for anyone who wants to get a lean athletic muscular physique. It doesn’t matter how small or big you are now. I was very skinny before I tried out the program but it still worked perfectly for me. The program is therefore suitable for everyone who wants to look like a true athlete with real strength behind the look.

What’s In The Program? (Rundown)

The Visual Impact Muscle Building Program has many resources the most notable being the 227 page exercise demonstrations PDF. As the name suggests, the PDF is packed with all the exercises you can think off for exercising every single muscle in the body i.e. forearm, bicep, tricep, shoulder, chest, back, leg, calf and ab exercises. The PDF is extremely detailed with text and images. Everything is in layman’s language so it’s really easy to understand.

The program also comes with another PDF on strategic muscle gains for a visually stunning body. This PDF let’s you know everything about getting super lean and ripped and much more. Please note that this program isn’t about bulking up like hulk. It’s about getting supper ripped without increasing your muscle mass too much like a body builder.

This PDF has 15 chapters namely; concentrating on the big 3, types of muscle growth, cumulative fatigue, sets and reps, hybrid muscle building, your muscle gaining capability, eating for muscle gain, proven muscle building supplements, how to set up a workout routine, sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, increasing muscle and density, max density & definition, shrink wrapping your muscles, building upper body mass only and final thoughts.

There program also comes with another PDF with printable workout routines. The program works in 3 phases which last for 60 days each. The program also has an extremely unique bonus lacking in very many similar muscle building programs.

  • Phase 1: Rapid muscle development. As the name suggests, this phase is about gaining muscle in the most crucial places.
  • Phase 2: Increasing muscle strength & definition. This phase is about developing muscle size and strength. This phase is very important for building functional muscles.
  • Phase 3: Shredding Phase. This phase focuses on strength development combined with fat burning with interval training. The aim of this phase is to increase the tone and density of your muscles for the best definition.
  • Bonus Phase: Shrink Wrap Effect. This phase focuses on getting very tight.

What I Loved About The Program

I liked very many things about the Visual Impact Muscle Building program. First and foremost, the program is super effective and delivers the exact results it promises. I got ripped perfectly without bulking up too much. That’s exactly what I wanted.

I also loved the fact that Rusty incorporates solid scientific based evidence alongside conclusive detail in the program. For instance, you don’t just learn how to get lean muscles. You also get to learn how to eat right, how to supplement effectively and balance your life. In a nutshell, you don’t need to buy anything else i.e. nutrition guides, workout plans etc. The program provides everything.

I also loved the fact that the program is cheaper than most less effective programs. For $47 only, you get priceless lean muscle building information for optimal functional fitness. The program is definitely worth hundreds of dollars in my own opinion.

Where The Program Needs Improvement

In my own opinion, there are no notable cons in the program. I didn’t find anything seriously wrong with the program. Just some minor improvements needed here and there. For instance I felt like there were few variations of high intensity interval exercises. The meal plan also needs more variations. Apart for that, the program is perfect.


In a nutshell, the program is cheap, detailed and super effective. I would highly recommend Visual Impact Muscle Building to anyone looking for a program that offers optimal functional fitness.

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