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No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

Reviewer: Andrew Lee
Rating: Five Stars
Website Reviewed: No Nonsense Muscle Building Websiteno nonsense muscle building

As the name suggests, No Nonsense Muscle Building is a no nonsense
muscle building program. When I first came across the program,
I thought the name was just a marketing stunt like many other muscle
building programs available online today. This is far
from the truth. The program actually lives up to its name. For instance, instead of taking the easy approach, the program goes ahead and targets skinny guys. The program is also packed with priceless resources on muscle building. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the details of why the No Nonsense Muscle building program stands out.

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Why Is The Program So Unique?

Unlike other muscle building programs in the market today, the No Nonsense Muscle Building program tackles one of the most crucial problems facing the fitness industry i.e. misinformation. The program starts by letting you know what the fitness industry doesn’t most people to known in their plight to muscle building. The program is also unique since it is prepared by Vince Delmonte; a renowned fitness professional who was once very skinny.

The program also stands out because it is tailored for everyone i.e. fitness professionals, bodybuilders and most importantly, the skinny guy out there who wants to build muscle like a fitness professional. Although the program seems to be targeting the lean and skinny guy who has always thought it was their nature to be skinny, the tricks and tips revealed are for everyone regardless of your body size, discipline or sport.

What’s In The Program? (Rundown)

Vince Delmonte offers tonnes of resources in his program. First and foremost, he reveals his growth principles. As mentioned above, Vince Delmonte was once very skinny. He shares his transformational journey revealing all it took him to get to his current physical state. His transformation is one of the main reasons that drew me to his program. It’s hard to comprehend how he looked back then and now.

The program comes with many resources. The main resource; a PDF file is divided into 9 different chapters where Vince Delmonte reveals all his transformational muscle building secrets from a skinny guy to a fitness pro. He highlights his secrets in a very structured manner that is easy to understand. He calls his secrets the nine growth principles. They include:

  1. Top 14 mistakes to avoid before you start your transformation
  2. Special training
  3. Top bodybuilding myths
  4. How to build muscle
  5. Recovery methods
  6. How to maximize hormones for maximum fat loss and muscle building
  7. Massive eating & nutrition
  8. Making sense of supplements
  9. Injury prevention & avoiding its causes

There is much more to the growth principles. For instance, Vince advises on testosterone and cortisol levels. I have been through very many muscle building programs. This is the kind of information your typical muscle building program ignores but is detrimental to offering you the success you desire in the shortest time period.

It gets better. The program comes with tones of other resources critical to your success. These additional resources include:

  1. A No Nonsense eBook for men and women.
  2. A 29 week program dubbed Max Power Workout for advanced level muscle building.
  3. A 29 week Intensive Workout Program for beginner and intermediate level.
  4. A Metabolic growth calculator.
  5. A virtual exercise demonstrator.
  6. A Muscle building DVD.
  7. An Upside-Down kick-start program.
  8. Healthy meal plans dubbed; Empowered Nutrition.
  9. A collection of nutritional supplements which have been reviewed by Vince.
  10. Access to the private member zone on Vince’s official site; www.vincedelmontefitness.com
  11. Instant access to fitness coach.
  12. 24/7 support to answer all your questions.


  • The No Nonsense Muscle building program has very many pros in my own opinion. Below is a summary of the main pros.
  • Works for everyone: From the above information, and my own personal experience with the program, I can confidently say that the program covers everything there is to know about effective muscle building from a beginner as well as an advanced user perspective.
  • The program works faster: From all the muscle building programs I have used before, none works faster than No Nonsense. This can be attributed to the program’s conclusive and detailed approach that covers subjects such as hormones which aren’t covered conclusively in other muscle building programs.
  • The program is easy to understand: Unlike most muscle building programs out there, the program doesn’t utilize any highfalutin jargon. Just simple language which is easy to understand.
  • The program doesn’t leave any stone unturned: After going through the No Nonsense program, I wasn’t left with any unanswered questions. Everything is addressed from muscle building conspiracies to harmful supplements and exercising equipment.


  • The program doesn’t offer an easy fix: This is not exactly a con however, some of the most notable online negative reviews about the program claim the program isn’t as effective. It is however important to note that the program works well only for those who are really hard working and disciplined.


In a nutshell, the No Nonsense Muscle building is undoubtedly the best of its kind. The program is very effective for all kinds of people. The program also tackles misconceptions about muscle building once and for all. Considering you only pay $77 and the program comes with plenty of resources, bonuses and a 60-day full money back guarantee, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and try the program.

no nonsense muscle building

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