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Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Reviewer: Christopher Miller
Rating: Five Stars
Website Reviewed: Muscle Gaining Secrets Websitemuscle gaining secrets

Does Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets muscle gaining secretswork? Well here’s how it helped me.

A Little Bit About Me

I’ve always been extremely skinny and weak. Not only did I look really thin since I was a teenager but I felt extremely weak as well. Lifting things around the house, walking to school all seemed like a task. I decided a few years ago that this cannot go on. I needed to gain strength and at least look like a normal 20-something guy. But I didn’t want to get fat, that wouldn’t help me at all. Instead I decided to hit the gym and workout at home. Having never been to a gym before though, this was not as easy as I thought.

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The first day at the gym I hurt myself badly and was advised to rest at home for a few weeks. During those weeks of rest at home I came across Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets online. I had read a lot of Men Fitness and Men’s Health magazines, but all the advice I’d got from them were all jumbled up and all over the place. It was hard to remember many of the exercises that were mentioned in the magazines as many were very complex and not exactly appealing to me. I liked this product, though, because it promised to distil all that information down to a simple and efficient program. I paid for it and had the program sent across to me only days before I could hit the gym again.

Getting Started

I was happy to find out that the program was targeted towards skinny guys like me instead of people who were already very used to working out at the gym. Jason explained that he had a wealth of experience in the industry and had decided to put the inside secrets of the fitness industry out there for the regular guy. This was just what I needed. The reasoning behind the program is very logical.

The program is basically targeted towards young men who are not naturally athletic. Young men who are skinny despite trying everything they hear about in the media. The program also explains why the media is so obsessed with bulky men who gain muscle fast (hint: it’s to sell products).

How It Works

The program is divided into these parts:

  • There’s a nutrition guide
  • A supplement guide
  • A training guide to help you get started
  • The Workout Log Sheet (divided into 4 phases, the workouts get more intense as you go along.

Jason said that the fitness industry and all those magazines were geared towards men that were predisposed to working out and had the body type to gain muscle and strength without much effort. Skinny guys like me need to build the fundamental strength required for even the most basic of these exercises first. His plan was to have me start of slow and simple before working my way up to higher reps and weights. The whole program consists of a couple of sessions of simple work outs that take no longer than 45 minutes to complete. Also, Jason’s program did not take any longer than a few days a week. Gaining muscle was done in a slow and effective manner that gave the best results regardless of your body type.

How It Turned Out For Me

The results were amazing. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy to do but then again working out isn’t meant to be. I started to notice a difference in my posture and energy levels first after I tried the program for the first few weeks. Quickly I felt much stronger than before and could now at least lift the weights I thought were impossible to budge before. It took at least a month before I started to notice my body bulk up and this was when I started to take the program very seriously.

What I Would Recommend

I’ve been on the program for almost a year now and I swear it’s helped me more than anything else I’ve tried. The focus on lifting body weight made sense to me and now I’ve moved onto these exercises primarily. My body feels much better and I also now get the occasional compliment which is nice. But the way my confidence has been boosted was totally unexpected. I hope this muscle gaining secrets review has helped you decide whether or not to join the program yourself. I’m convinced that I’ll never need to switch my work out program again.

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