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Anabolic Cooking Review

Reviewer: Ella Smith
Rating: Five Stars
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Anabolic Cooking program by Dave Ruel is a resource designed to help you develop a meal plan that is easy to prepare, targeted to your fitness goals, and great-tasting. According to Ruel, “Anabolic cookbook is a resource dedicated to helping fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders enjoy the right diet every day, not resist.” The promise is huge, but does it stand up to it? In this anabolic cook review, we will detail out whether this program delivers on its promise. In simple terms, we will examine whether you should pull the plunge and buy it?

Who Is Dave Ruel?

Dave Ruel is the writer of the Metabolic cooking book. He is an accomplished bodybuilder who has won numerous awards in his weight class, a certified fitness coach and a nutritionist. He is also popularly known as the Muscle Cook, thanks to his great recipes, all of which are included in the Anabolic and Metabolic cooking programs. Ruel posits that his goal is ※To aid people shred weight or pack on muscles without having to put up with a strict, bland diet of baked potatoes, broccoli and boiled chicken.”

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What Is In The Program?

Anabolic Cooking is based on a 3-point criteria:

  1. Easy to prepare Meals
  2. Delicious and great-tasting recipes and
  3. The need to promote muscle building and fat loss

This product is not just a recipe book. It is a complete program that fills the gap between having a beautiful collection of recipes and organizing them into an easy to follow daily diet plans for optimal results. Anabolic Cooking program has a total of six key components namely:

  1. Main Recipe Ebook/PDF – This is packed with 200 great-tasting recipes for fat loss and muscle building. In addition, each recipe gives a breakdown of protein, fat, calories and carbohydrate in the meals.
  2. Quick Start Guide – A kitchen and nutritional guide that outlines the fundamental concepts of Anabolic Cooking and nutrition to readers. The kitchen guide details out the recipe terminology, cooking and cookware. Besides being a nutritional tips guide, it also doubles up as a type of a dummies guide to show individuals with limited cooking experience how to cook.
  3. Pre-Written Sample Meal Plans – Anabolic Cooking program comes with Pre-written Lean Muscle Gains and Optimal Fat Loss Meal plans that range between 1200 to 1500 calories. These sample plans make it easy to plan what you should eat daily to get quick results.
  4. Advanced Calorie Calculator – This allows you to determine the protein, fat, carbs and calories you need to intake each day to achieve your fitness, muscle building and fat loss goals.
  5. Anabolic Cooking Training and Food Log – This is designed to help you keep track of you calories and nutrients intake. After getting the recipe and following a meal plan, tracking is the most critical thing toward a bodybuilder*s goal of that perfect physique.
  6. The Ugly Truth about Supplements – A brief but concrete report on supplements that work.

What I Like About Anabolic Cooking

Before writing a review of any fitness, body building, weight loss or fitness program, I buy it and test it. I believe this is the only way I can confidently tell the good from the bad. My anabolic test results were amazing.

The first thing I noticed when I commenced reading Anabolic Cooking is that it’s a well-researched cookbook. I could clearly tell a lot of effort and time has been invested in producing it.

I did not have to sacrifice my food taste, and I really loved the fact that the book was easily crafted to help me design mouth watering meal plans within no time. No more plain rice and boiled chicken. It’s all about tasty meals that really motivate.

The directions on making the meals are straight forward and simple. The explicit step-by-step guide can be followed and executed by even a 10-year-old. This definitely deserves a mention on Anabolic Cooking review because most cookbooks are not simple enough for the ordinary person who is not a cooking pro.

From reading Anabolic Cooking, I picked a lot of good nutritional habits. For instance, I now use batch cooking to reduce setup cost and provide more time for other tasks. It also gives me peace of mind, knowing that a meal is ready for me.

What Other People Are Saying About Anabolic Cookbook

  • “My diet was becoming increasingly tasteless and boring, until I picked up a copy of the book…all thanks to Dave’s tips and recipes, I am now saving time, money and getting great gains. There is a good reason this is taken to be one of the best cookbook for bodybuilding and fitness of all time!” – Bobichaud Remi
  • “Before I was unable to reach the top levels in fitness modeling, I really got out of shape and I knew I needed serious help. My main problem was that I could not put up with a fitness program for more than 2-3 weeks. Ruel then introduced me to his diet plan, and I commenced using his recipe and diet plans. I quickly got back in shape, and I was able to compete and win in numerous fitness competitions.” – Honore Levesque, pro-Fitness Model.


In conclusion, with more than 200 great-tasting cooking recipe, a quick start guide, sample meal plans, a fitness calculator and more, Dave Ruel means it when he guarantees that Anabolic Cooking will change your life. I strongly recommend you check out this product.

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