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How To Get Cut: A Simple Secret To Amazing Results

The final goal of most aspiring bodybuilders is to get that elusive lean and shredded look. However, how to get cut is one of the most misunderstood and the most challenging aspects of fitness. Everybody knows that besides a suitable exercise program, avoiding junk foods is crucial for getting cut. However, this is the part where almost all people fail – simply because they do not know how to stick to their meal plan! Eating junk foods is like an addiction – In this article, you will learn to fight this addiction.

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how to get cut

Many people are 100% motivated when they are in the gym. However, it is out of the gym that they lose their focus on how to get cut; simply because we live in a world where bagels, donuts, greasy burgers, ice-creams, pizza, alcohol, sugary drinks and other junk is constantly advertised and easily available. People are emotionally vulnerable to fast food. Also, it is ridiculously convenient to eat the wrong foods. For example: Just make a call and pizza gets delivered to your doorstep within 20 minutes. However, eating a healthy, well balanced meal takes considerable planning and effort. Moreover, it is quite difficult to stay away from unhealthy food at parties, gatherings and even family dinners. So you may often make a conscious effort to avoid socializing. Honestly, this can be very depressing and might cause you to go on an emotional binging spree!

So here is a practical 4 step plan to win the war against junk food for people wondering how to get cut.

Clear Your Kitchen

Give away all the unhealthy foods that you have in your kitchen right now and do not buy any more. It is very easy to pick up a bar or chocolate or a donut if it is lying right in your refrigerator. But if you don’t have any junk food at home – you will have to actually get up, get dressed, get out of the house and walk or drive down to the nearest store.

Clearing your kitchen can be tricky if you share your kitchen with other people such as room-mates, family members etc. In such a case, either get them to store their treats out of your reach or just learn to become blind to those foods. Junk food is never going to disappear from the world – so start training yourself to become blind to it as this is really a crucial part of the answer to the question of how to get cut.

Have Emergency Meals Ready

You are at your weakest when you are very hungry. There will be times when you are so famished that you have neither the energy nor the mental clarity to put together a simple, healthy meal. This is when you need emergency meals or else you will gorge on some burgers and fries and top it up with cola and ice-cream. Good examples of emergency meals include beef jerky, deli meats, tuna cans, canned beans, protein shakes etc. Obviously, these are not the healthiest foods that you can put in your body since they are high in sodium and contain preservatives. Still, they are high in protein and are way healthier than chips, pizza …, you get the idea. Raw fruits and veggies are good options but they are not very filling and neither of them constitutes a balanced meal. Eggs are a good bet though; you can scramble them in 2-3 minutes.

Treat Junk Foods As A Drug Because That Is Exactly What They Are

Pick up a bag of chips and read the list of ingredients. There will be at least a couple of ingredients that you cannot even pronounce properly. All processed foods contain toxins that wreak havoc with your body. If you knew exactly what a sugary drink did to your body, you would be terrified but you would not stop drinking it – because it is addictive just like cocaine or opium!

Eat The Right Foods At Social Gatherings

Order grilled chicken breasts, tuna or steak instead of pizza and pasta when you dine out. Every city has places which cater to people who are trying to stay fit – Google them! At parties, there is a fruit section that goes unnoticed because people are busy getting stuffed with junk. Give the fruit and salad section a try!

Follow the steps mentioned above to win the war on junk foods is really a simple secret to the question of how to get cut. Substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones and remember that along with proper dieting, an effective exercise is indispensable for maximizing your results. Without a suitable exercise program, you will probably end up losing hard earned muscle.

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