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5 Crucial Tips On The Best Way To Get Ripped

As easy as they make being ripped look, athletes and models in magazines must have a put some extra effort to defining their great looking bodies. The truth of the matter is that, getting ripped is not an easy task. It is hard at times and demands an unwavering level of discipline and determination among other factors. There are some key basic factors that you should always consider in sculpting your dream body shape. Read on the following 5 key factors on the best way to get ripped.

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Focus On The Correct Diet

best way to get rippedTo burn fat and reveal your six pack abs and washboard, one of the most imperative factors to the best way to get ripped is a balanced diet made up of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Proteins are important in forming the blocks of muscles and one of the most essential macronutrients because the body burns calories digesting proteins.

Carbohydrates such as organic potatoes, various vegetables, yams and fruits can be included in the diet. Healthy fats include fish oil, coconut oil, nuts and olive oil. In addition, you can use supplements such as rice protein, fish oil, multi-vitamin, enzymes and post work out shakes. Include plenty of fiber as well in each of your meals.

Weight Lifting

Looking to get a lean and ripped body? Hit the cardio machine. Very wrong! This will not help in getting more muscles. Cardio is essential in burning calories, but you will miss out on muscle growth stimulation had you involved weight training. The more muscles you have, the more fat and calories your body will burn. Vary your weight exercises, don’t just run or engage in recumbent bike for a whole week. Mix this up with other workouts on different parts of your body. You can hit your workout room 3-4 days a week with a day set aside for circuit style and various exercises. If you really want to do cardio, then try out a 20-minute fast-slow interval routine.

Drink Correct Amounts Of Water

Most athletes and hardcore lifters don’t drink sufficient water, even though this sounds like an obvious tip. Water works just like a natural diuretic and is essential in the transportation of carbohydrates and nutrients into the blood stream. Researchers have shown that proper cold water consumption can aid significantly in boosting metabolism by over 30%. Therefore, drinking water while trying to get a ripped body will hasten the process. The correct amount of water is also significant in maintaining a hydrated body especially during workouts. This is a very important factor to keep in mind if you really want the best way to get ripped.

Slow The Cardio

One of the most misconceptions of training is that weight lifting will get you bigger while cardio will get you leaner. Many people do not realize that even the most correct diet is far much important than cardio when it comes to defining a ripped body. If you reach a consistent level of fat loss, then slowly integrate cardio exercises into your daily routines. During the process, your body will be under stress from deficits of calories, and adding in long hours of cardio exercises could result to loss of muscles. Forget about treadmill for a while and try high intensity interval training.

Enhance The Body-Mind Connection

If you are a physique artist, then this is what makes you different from a fitness enthusiast. This is one of the most important factors in taking your body from average and transforming it into a work-of-the-art body! It is easy to tell a physique artist; their concentration level in the gym and focus illustrates their seriousness. The mind-body connection aids you to maximize the benefits of each and every body movement. Whatever you do, dedicate your body and mind towards it, give it all your best. Concentration and determination can transform a regular workout into a work-of-the-art form. It is about moving fast and swiftly onto different exercises of your routines.


In summary, the key factors to the best way to get ripped calls for a lot of things. Ensure that you focus on the correct type of diet in your meals while incorporating varying exercises. You can engage in multi-joint exercises and do smart cardio in your workout routines for the best results. Weight lifting plays a crucial role on muscle growth simulation. Drink a lot of water, slow your cardio and ensure that you have the correct mindset. These are 5 crucial factors that you must get right if you want a ripped body.

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