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Want To Lose Weight But Can’t Keep Up? The Right Fat Burning Exercise Can Help

The Food and Agricultural Organization revealed in its latest Press Release what we already know: walk around in your neighborhood and you’re more likely to meet with a fat person than watch someone starving to death!

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Do you belong to this fastest growing demographic? Are your clothes suddenly too tight and tearing? Do you feel a sudden restlessness when you climb a flight of stairs or indulge in heavy labor? If you’ve answered yes, to any of the questions, then unfortunately, you may be contributing to that demographic.

In this article, we’ll first explain how fat burning can be achieved in general, and then we’ll show you how to find the fat burning exercise that would work best for you. All you need to do is to realistically set goals and plan meticulously on how to achieve them.

Losing fat: The Process Explained

fat burning exercise

  • There is continuous fat burning exercise (a balance between high intensity and low intensity workouts)
  • There are adequate dietary changes (consumption of fat melting and metabolism enhancing food)
  • There are behavioral changes (low stress, sound sleep, de-addiction to alcohol and smoking)

A combination of the three factors is always responsible for weight loss in a person. Moreover, you cannot simply neglect a factor and expect good results, like concentrating only on your gym schedule and expecting positive results. It simply does not work out that way.

For instance, if you work out with a vengeance and sacrifice sleep, do drugs, stress yourself perennially and binge on practically everything you find, you’ll increase weight than decrease it, ruining your health along the way.

The Right Fat Burning Exercise Can Work Wonders

Exercising is a proven way of losing weight. Experts segregate gym workouts into three categories – low intensity workouts, high intensity workouts and aerobic workouts. There is no “one” workout that is great for you (or anybody else). It is a balanced regimen involving a bit of each that you must look to follow.

  • Low intensity workouts

These include brisk walking, walking on the treadmill and slight pull-ups and pushdowns done for a period of less than 30 minutes. As is the appellate, they are low intensity and may burn calories but not fat (there is a difference!). Moreover, they also help you tone muscles.

  • High intensity workouts

These are gripping workouts performed at a fast pace for more than an hour or two and usually help burn much more fat than any other workout, depending on much you subject your body to. Continuous strength training, cardio training, muscle training, spot exercises, abdomen exercises, and jogging around comprise of high intensity workouts.

  • Aerobic workouts

Whether aerobic workouts help you lose weight or not is not known, but eminent research specialists Horowitz and Klein suggest that they are great at preparing your body for fat burning. They speed your metabolism, improve blood circulation, and enhance oxygen levels in the body.

How To Find The Fat Burning Exercise That Would Work Best For You?

The best fat burning exercise would be an activity that motivates YOU and helps YOU shed the excess calories and fat from your body. Don’t get excited about your neighbor losing ten pounds in a month and hit the gym only to return more dejected (and fatter) than ever.

Each one of us has varying levels of endurance, strength, and commitment. Some of us find gyms motivating; some of us flock to boot camps; while the rest of us enjoy getting dirty on the field with contact sport games. Whatever your regimen is, make sure:

  • You are losing weight and keeping healthy at the same time
  • You “feel” free, comfortable, motivated, happy and strong
  • You love what you are doing

Since we haven’t seen you or skimmed over your strengths and weaknesses, and don’t know you personally, it is difficult for us to pin point one activity and ask you to commit to it. You must probably consult with your fitness coach for advice.

However, what we can do is warn you: there is a whole weight loss Big Pharma industry waiting to lure you into their notorious schemes and fad diets! You know better than to fall for them – listen to your instinct and say NO to fancy weight loss regimes that don’t corroborate with whatever you’ve learnt here. You can certainly lose a lot more weight through health exercising and a combination of various workouts.

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