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7 Best Ab Exercises For Men

Getting 6 pack abs is a very simple process, if you’re a man. That’s because the genes are on your side – you won’t gain fat as quickly as most women do, you are blessed with an abnormally rapid metabolism, and you don’t have to bother about the “middle age spread” until you’re way into your 40s.

Since you’re naturally placed with so much benefit, why don’t you take the plunge and make your abs visible – for everyone to gawk at?

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d:\Workspace\Tomorrow\04. Muscle Building\Graphics\best ab exercises for men.jpgAll it’ll require are these (often overlooked) seven best ab exercises for men, done twice or thrice a week, and a proper diet for your body to work wonders, your abdominal fat to melt down, and your rectus-abdominus (read: 6 pack abs) to finally show themselves out. Read on:

#1: Hang Yourself

No, not literally. You only have to hang yourself from a pull up bar and raise your legs in various positions and count to ten before you relax. Start with folding and lifting your knee forward – count ten. Next, fold your knee backward – count ten. Stretch your limbs forward – count ten. Hang straight with your limbs down – count ten. You’re done!

Chad Waterbury, pro athlete and Olympic champion, vouches for the hanging flexion exercise regime. According to him, “the kick your abdomen gets after this workout is incredible”. This is why we put this as the first one on the list of the best ab exercises for men.

#2: Plate Twist

Plate twists are one of the oldest ways to exercise your oblique muscles. Lie down on a mat with your legs stretched. Hold your hands together or better still hold a weight in your hands. Next, lift your legs (make sure they are straight) and begin twisting your upper body from one extreme side to the other. If your hands touch the floor while working out, great!

According to David K, who owns and runs BornToBulk.com, plate twists are another type of best ab exercises for men that make your entire abdomen work while putting more stress on the oblique muscles – both, the internal and external. Besides, you can add it to your regular regimen and notice immediate results.

#3: Stabilization Exercises

Going by the “Back and Abdominal Muscle Function During Stabilization Exercises” at the Archives of Physical Medicine, 2001, stabilization exercises help strengthen the core abdominal muscles that wrap the spine. This keeps your torso flexible, toned and acts as a catalyst to make your 6 packs visible immediately.

You can plank on a stabilization ball or on your elbow and stay in that position for as long as possible. The longer you are able to sustain yourself, the better it is going to be.

#4: Ab Wheels

Ab wheels are the toughest, meanest, and most gruelling core exercises for your abs. However, all the pain will be for a good reason since a month of ab wheels workout ought to get you washboard abs – just like the celebrities you watch in the movies.

You’ll have to get down on your knees on the floor mat. Hold the ab wheel with your elbows slightly extended. Let the wheel move as far as possible in front of your body (do not let go). Use your abs to bring the wheel back into proximity. This sounds easy but could bring about a sharp pain in your abdomen muscles. Consult with a fitness instructor before you attempt to do this.

#5: Flutter Kicks

According to Alex Stewart, CEO of Betancourt Nutrition Supplements and fitness trainer, flutter kicks are the single best ab exercise for men to gain 6 pack (or heck, eight pack) abs in a jiffy. Lie down on your back and keep your legs straight. You might want to put your hands down your buttocks to insulate them against the floor.

Now, lift your right leg and rotate it to 20″ or 25″ and count ten. Bring it down. Lift your left leg and rotate it to 20″ or 25″. Alternate in this way and complete 15 reps before you call it a day.

#6: Slow crunches

You can never avoid crunches while searching for best ab exercises for mean: they are the most important workout sessions to build a 6 pack. However, Chad Waterbury asks you to slow down so “your abs can work harder”.

Quoting the Turkish Get Up (TGU) method of exercising, Waterbury advises you to move with slow precision and pace so that there is a joint stability and your oblique muscles work harder in your abdomen.

#7: Cross Crunches

Better still, you could try cross crunches where you lift a leg and an alternate hand and twist your body to a side at an approximate angle of 45┬░. During the process, your head, neck and shoulders are off the ground.

According to Tom Holland, senior fitness in charge, Men’s Fitness Inc, “cross crunches are safe and effective since they force your body to exercise and operate as a whole”. Thus, there is massive toning possible, which ultimately makes your 6 pack visible.

It’s all about your diet!

No matter how much you exercise yourself and push your abdomen with the above best ab exercises for men, you won’t get the “cosmetic appeal” you desire if you don’t stick to a healthy diet. Throw the carbohydrates out. Avoid sugar and spice. Take in more protein. Control the “spare tire” that threatens you of its existence and you’re six abs will soon make itself shown to the world.

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