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5 Killer Chest Workouts To Perk Up Your Pecs

One of the main problems that male body builders often experience is building up nice and square pectoralis. This is because they don’t focus on the right chest workouts, rep ranges and nutrition. Just making your chest bigger does not necessarily get you the look you are aiming for. Also, you should avoid building a bigger lower chest. The aim of this article is to help you understand as to what it takes to build full and strong pecs as a fuller upper chest does make a great deal of difference. The chest muscle helps you to create an impression as you walk into a room. Further, an impressive chest is a key aspect when it comes to having a balanced physique.

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chest workoutsWhat Is Unique About Chest Muscle Building?

It is commonly believed that the chest consists of a large muscle group when compared with the rest of the muscle groups in the body. However, it is not so. The chest consists of only medium-sized muscles. The upper chest muscle is called the clavicular pectoralis and the big chest muscle is known as the pectoralis major. Whereas some movements emphasize the big chest muscle, some others emphasize the upper chest muscle. All the movements that serve to emphasize either of the muscles also involve the other muscle to some extent, but for the proper development of your chest it is important that you focus on clavicular pectoralis because of two simple reasons. For one, it takes some time to develop. The second reason is that the movements that help to grow this muscle are also helpful in developing the pectoralis major. Having laid out the overall guideline for building the chest muscles, here are the 5 killer chest workouts that you need to focus on.

Chest Workout #1: Barbell Flat And Incline Bench Press

Lie on your back on the flat bench and use the medium width grip to lift the bar along with the weight off the rack. Hold it straight above you with locked arms. This is the starting position. Breathe in and lower the bar slowly till it touches the middle of your chest. Pause for a moment and breathe out as you bring the bar back to the starting point. When pushing the bar up, focus on using the chest muscles. At the top of the movement, your arms must be locked and your chest must be in contracted position. Put the bar back on the rack after performing the prescribed number of repetitions.

Chest Workout #2: Dumbbell Flat And Incline Bench Press

This is one of most popular chest workouts. You need to lie down on the flat bench with one dumbbell each in your hands. Rest them at the top of the thighs with the palms of your hands facing each other. With the help of your thighs raise the dumbbells one at a time and hold them at shoulder width above you. Rotate your wrists such that the palms face outward and the dumbbells are just to the sides of the chest. Your forearm and upper arm should be at 90 degrees to each other. This is your starting position. Now, breathe out and make use of your chest for pushing the dumbbells up. As you reach the top of the lift, squeeze your chest in and lock your arms. Hold for a while and then slowly lower the dumbbells. Ideally, the weights should be lowered taking as much as twice the time you took to raise them. Perform the prescribed number of repetitions.

The steps involved in performing the incline bench presses are same as that of the flat bench presses. The flat bench presses provide an overall exercise for your chest. However, the incline presses work out your upper pecs. As this exercise is more strenuous than the flat bench press, it helps you to increase the intensity of your workout.

Chest Workout #3: Dips (Chest version, weighted)

You need to have access to parallel bars for performing this exercise. Hold your body above the bars at arm length with your arms locked. As you breathe in, lower your body. Your torso should lean forward at around 30 degrees. Your elbows should flare out a little till you experience a stretch in the chest. Now, breathe out and using your chest bring the body back again to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions.

Chest Workout #4: Alternating Kettlebell Floor Press (New)

This is one of the relatively new chest workouts. Lie down on the floor. Keep two kettlebells by the side of your shoulders. Position them on your chest one after the other. Grip them with your palms facing forward. Now, extend both arms above your chest. Lower one kettlebell down to your chest and turn your wrist so that it faces the locked one. Raise this kettlebell and lower the one on your other hand. Do the prescribed number of reps and sets.

Chest Workout #5: Bend Forward Cable Crossover

This exercise is performed on the high pulley machine. There are two ways in which you can do this routine: with your feet placed hip-width apart or one foot in front of the other foot as though you are walking. Your hands should be below your shoulders. Further, your elbows should be crooked a little bit. Bring the arms together slowly without any jerk and extend your hands. For more resistance and a wider arc, move your hands down and then toward each other. Bring your hands back to the initial position with the help of the control.

Summarizing, it is important that you perform 3 sets of these exercises with 4 to 6 or 5 to 7 reps using 80 to 85% of the one-rep maximum weight. The key to success is not just performing these exercises, but progressing on them. You need to get stronger in order to get bigger. Finally, these 5 Killer chest workouts will not only train the entire chest, but also perk up the upper chest.

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