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The Best Bicep Workout To Get Big Biceps In 3 Weeks

Impressive biceps are something many workout enthusiasts wish they could develop in the gym. Yet, no matter how hard they work pumping iron and packing on extra weight to the curl bar, they do not experience the desired results. The reason is the two-headed muscles on the arm comprising the biceps can get used to the standard barbell and dumbbell routines. As a result, the muscles barely continue to grow at all much less grow to a significant degree. For those who have become stuck at a plateau, there is nothing to worry about. The best bicep workout to get big biceps in 3 weeks can be employed to achieve those previously elusive gains.

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Fast Gains Are Connected To Effective Muscle Building Principles

best bicep workoutAchieving fast gains will always follow a basic principle. The muscles must be challenged in order to grow. When muscles are overloaded with weight, they grow larger. This is a basic concept that will never change no matter what workout routine is being performed. However, there are ways to shock stubborn muscles into faster and better growth. By prioritizing the muscles that are lagging and employing advanced mass building techniques, better results are possible. They can even be attainable in 3 weeks.

The Best Bicep Workout: Time Under Tension

For those who are suffering from a lack of bicep muscle growth, a time under tension style workout may turn out to be the best bicep workout to get big biceps in a matter of a few weeks. What this means is more work is done for a longer volume to the training while cutting down rest intervals. Lighter weight may be employed with less rest periods ensure the body ends being under duress longer which, in turn, stresses the muscles more. This means the biceps can end up growing much larger. A compound set for biceps can help with this goal immensely. Combining bicep compound exercises with bicep pre-exhaust training can yield amazing results in a 3 week period.

How The Bicep Workout Should Go

The standard arm workout entails performing one exercise for three to five sets with a minute or so rest in between sets. Once the sets have been completed, you move onto the next exercise. Compound supersets exercises are an advanced strategy that employs simply tweaking the common way such a session goes. Basically, compound sets entail performing three sets of different exercises right after the other without any rest.

On your arm workout day, the following compound supersets can be performed:

  • Seated Dumbbell Curls 10 to 15 reps
  • Preacher Curls 8 reps to failure
  • Standing Barbell Curls 10 to 12 reps

The amount of weight you perform will be based on your current levels of strength and muscle size. This super set is to be performed three times. When it is finished, a pre-exhaust biceps exercise is to be performed.

A pre-exhaustion workout entails performing an isolation exercise to failure followed by a compound exercise. The isolated muscles have been trained to exhaustion with the first exercise. With the next exercise, the muscle is still worked but it gets help from other muscle groups.

An example of a pre-exhaustion bicep workout would be concentration dumbbell curls followed by hammer curls. With the hammer curls, the triceps and a little bit of the shoulder muscles help out the biceps. With concentration curls, the biceps take the full brunt of the workout.

The pre-exhaustion set is only done one time. The entire workout is suggested only to be performed one day per week.

A Short Warning To Bicep Builders

Those wishing to maximize the size of their biceps in 3 weeks with the best bicep workout must resist the urge to perform it more than once a week. The biceps are only two muscles, which means they can only stand so much stress. Working them at such a high intensity will weaken them and not lead them to grow bigger. Maximum rest and recovery is critical if you really want to see mass gains with your biceps.

Do not get too hung up on lifting more and more weight. Increasing the amount of weight you lift can be indicative of strength increases, but not necessarily mass. Your goal here is mass.


The best bicep workout to get big biceps in 3 weeks combines two great strategies: compound supersets and pre-exhaustion. When combined together, they certainly can yield incredible results.

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