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How to Get Flat Abs Fast: 5 Keys to Success

Well defined and ripped abs is something that many people would love to have. The pinnacle of health is reflected in having body fat levels so low that rippling muscles are clearly visible. Of all the muscles that are most desirable to present it would be the abs. The human body forms an X with its arms and legs. At the center of this X is the stomach. As a result, the abdominals are where someone’s attention focuses upon. If the abs are totally lean and defined, they are going to leave a very strong impression.

how to get flat abs fastSo, how does someone end up getting lean and ripped abs? More importantly, can someone find the answer to the question of how to get flat abs fast? Contrary to what many believe, it is possible to get incredible looking abs quickly. All you need to do is follow five very simple steps.

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Key #1: Clean Up You Diet

The legendary bodybuilding guru, Joe Weider, was very quick to point out that abs are not made with exercise. They are primarily made with a good diet. Unless your body fat percentage reaches low levels, the abs will never be visible. A layer of fat hides them. Cleaning up the diet of refined sugars and saturated fats is actually of most importance for you to understand how to get flat abs fast. Also, you must create a calorie deficit so stored body fat is burned up. Start watching what you eat and eat fewer calories. This is a must.

Key #2: Eat Smaller Meals Throughout The Day

Another diet suggestion? Where are the exercises? Exercising the abs is important, but so is speeding up the metabolism of the body. The metabolism is the body’s process of performing its life functions. To do this, it must burn calories. By eating six smaller meals per day, the body’s metabolism does not slow down. When there are very large gaps in the time between meals, the metabolism may slow down. Eating six smaller meals throughout the day (and not eating after 7pm) makes sure the metabolism does not slow down. As a result, calories are consumed more efficiently and in a greater volume.

Key #3: Perform High Intensity Interval Training As Part Of A Cardio Workout

Cardio work is immensely important when hoping to get ripped abs. Cardio burns calories, speeds up the metabolism, and help tone all the muscles. Cardio work can be performed at light intensity levels and it will burn calories. Higher intensity cardio work speeds the process. For those who are interested in finding out how to get flat abs fast, interval training can aid in achieving such goals. Interval training is a very simple process. Basically, low intensity cardio work is followed by higher intensity work and this is done for several repetitions. A simple way this can work would be to jump rope a slow pace for one minute followed by a faster pace for one minute and then at full blast for 30 seconds. This process could repeat for, say, 20 minutes. The interval sessions, of course, do have to follow a proper warmup and end with a cool down. The main benefit of interval training is it burns a massive amount of calories and, yes, speeds up the metabolism.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not for everyone. You really already do have to be in good shape before even trying this approach. There are quite a number of different ways to perform HIIT sessions and here is one example: jog lightly on a treadmill for 10 seconds and then run full blast for 20 seconds and repeat. Some may perform such a session for five to eight minutes straight.

Again, HIIT is very high in intensity and it is only suggested for those capable of performing an advanced level workout. HIIT sessions definitely can contribute to getting ripped abs fast.

Key #4: Perform Cardio Work Early In The Morning

Work out in the morning on an empty stomach. In a way, you are cheating your way to fast, ripped abs. By working out and doing cardio work first thing in the morning, only stored calories are being targeted. That means you burn more fat. This is a pretty useful tip if you are wondering how to get flat abs fast.

Key #5: Hit The Abs At Every Angle When Performing Stomach Exercises

Working the abdominal muscles five to seven days a week for 10 to 20 minutes day is going to really sharpen that newly lean stomach area. Sit ups are probably the most well known ab exercises to perform. You definitely do what to perform them, but you also want a well rounded abdominal workout strategy for the abs. That means you want to perform leg raises, leg upward extensions, twists, side bends, leg scissors, twisting sit ups, crunches, and more. This way, all that many angles and muscle groups of the abs are worked effectively.


To sum up, if you are really asking how to get flat abs fast, then you can definitely achieve the results if you perform the above five simple strategies. Make them a part of your routine lifestyle and you will soon reap the rewards of gaining truly stunning looking ab.

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