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How To Get A Six Pack: An In-depth Preparation Guide Before Six Pack Workouts

Getting a ripped abs is one of the most common goals for a lot of people. Having a six pack can tell a lot about you, and people think you are a health conscious and disciplined person. However, more often than not, many men and women tend to rush into exercises hoping to get their six pack abs quickly. Getting a six pack is a gradual process that entails a lot. It is important to set realistic goals and objectives. For instance, you don’t expect to get a six pack in just a day! Therefore, if you are still wondering how to get a six pack, the following article is an eye opener to a realistic six pack process that entails sufficient preparation and setting of realistic expectations.

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Advice On Preparation

how to get a six packGetting a six pack is not as hard as people think. Though it is not an easy task, the right preparation and techniques for the workouts can lead you to achieving tremendous results. Preparation is actually the first step toward solving the question of how to get a six pack and it is very important that you prepare yourself fully before embarking on the workouts. Some of the preparations include:

1. The Right Mindset

There are people who eat healthy, go running, go to the gym, don’t take alcohol and make this look much easy. This is because they have the right mindset and live a happy life without sacrificing much. For others, the biggest challenge to getting fit is keeping their motivation and taking action. Solving the puzzle of how to get a six pack is not any different. The right mindset is a fundamental that you will need before engaging in the right diet plan or workout.

Getting a six pack is task that requires a lot of effort and time, there is no magic remedy that will one morning, bring a flat stomach. It is a journey that requires determination, patience and perseverance, without which, it is a guarantee that you will give up along the way. If you are serious about it, you must accept the fact that getting ripped abs in a week or a few weeks is unrealistic.

2. The Right Workout Plan

This is another very important thing during the preparation stage that is key to answering the question of how to get a six pack. You need to identify the right kind of workouts and exercises that will completely rock your abs and lead you to a strong and amazing looking waist. You therefore wouldn’t want to have your workout plan filled with the age old sit-ups, and to achieve your desired goals, you have to go about it in some backward approach. Doing reverse crunches for instance on the floor can be a fantastic workout. You can include in your workout plan, exercise that are pretty much engaging and effective. With the right workout plan, be sure you will achieve your goals and objectives in good time.

3. The Right Workout Diet And Nutrition

If you are not eating properly, there is no way you will get a six pack. Actually, the reason why you cannot see your abs is because of the layer of fat. Therefore, in order to get a wash-board stomach, you cannot continue to add more fat on top the existing layer. You need to plan your diet properly during the process of getting a six pack. Your diet should contain healthy fats, sufficient calories, proteins and carbohydrates.

Warnings On Expectations

Before you start to embark on your workout plan for six pack, you must have an objective and the results you expect within a certain time frame. As you draft your expectations, there are some things that you should put in mind including;

1. Setting A Realistic Time Frame

Achieving an ideal six pack cannot take you a few days, a week or a few weeks. To get prominent results, you have to be patient and give yourself enough time especially during the workout hours. If you are consistent and determined as well as have deployed engaging workout exercises, you should realize results at least in a month’s time.

2. Contributing Factors To Success

Solving the puzzle of how to get a six pack often seems complicated and that only a few can achieve it. Nothing could however be further from the real truth. Certain contributing factors to a successful ripped abs include; persistence, determination, progression (pushing to new levels in your workouts), balancing (of the workouts), proper nutrition and exercise selection among many other factors.


Well, now you see, anyone can possibly get six pack abs once they are on the right mindset, workout plan, diet and nutrition. Keep the process simple and do not worry about the calorie intake, but just moderate your daily diet. Eat healthy foods along with your regular workouts, be patient and do not rush things up, be determined and persistent as well, and you will have the best odds at getting that six pack.

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